Rambo Trade China Co., Ltd


Rambo Trade China Co., Ltd is established based on Fitness Equipment manufacturer at the background of more and more people getting attention on building their healthy body as one way of improving their living quality.


Since 2006, Rambo has been dedicated to creating fitness equipment and solutions that benefits our clients. Our mission to provide and trade appropriate fitness equipment and keep people active started with our treadmills, spin bike and etc. in Fitness industry.


Our mission at Rambo is to develop, manufacture, and trade fitness equipment and solutions that make people get his suitable way doing exercise. And we feel that it is extremely important to practice what we preach, the culture at Rambo revolves around what our products and service stand for-passionate and healthy life.


We not only manufacture and trade treadmills and spin bike,but also we collect and select other excellent fitness equipment manufacturer, which make us provide one-stop service to our clients all over the world. In addition,we dedicated to the concept of quality-oriented & customer-oriented and get win win business with our clients.


Rambo is ready to be your reliable business partner.